This is an image of Hurricane Sandy as it was moving across the Atlantic ocean just prior to landfall on the Jersey shore. The destructive impact this storm had on people and property was enormous to citizens from New Jersey to Ohio. Our science class is now  focusing on our Catastrophic Event unit where we will learn the meteorology of regional and global weather. A primary question we will seek to answer is how can science help communities prepare for natural disasters?
There will be several laboratory investigations completed in class over the next several weeks. They are  key in helping students understand why weather happens. Missing one of these labs can be critical for student understanding.
Following is a list of assignments for  November 7-9. We had several stuents participate in the concert to celebrate the success of our magazine sales. Hopefully this information will help you stay current.

11/9 (in class)

11/9 (homework)
Heating & cooling rates of H20 & Soil
Reflection questions for lab
Atmosphere, reading/diagrams
(p.34-36 in student guide)
Active reading:   Joseph Henry: 
Father of Weather Forecasting
page 11-12
page 13 
p.15c (diagram sun's light on earth)
page 17b (label atmosphere layers)
page 18-22 (questions on p.22)

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