The students of Team Summit have bonded together to adopt-a-family during this season of  Caring and Sharing. The Salvation Army has connected us with a family so that we can help to make their Holiday brighter. The father is recently unemployed while Mom stays at home with the children, one of which is special needs. The little girl likes kitchen toys. The three boys are interested in  K-Nex., Legos. and  MatchBox cars.  

  The needs of the family go beyond mere gifts and part of our commitment is to provide them with essential items for a festive dinner. It seems likely that with the giving spirit of our team is families,  we can also help supply some of life’s daily needs, which are not covered through governmental assistance. We have included the suggested items on the back of this flyer.

  We have been heartened by the desire for our students to give to this family. We are aware that we only have 5 days to pull this together, so we are asking that gifts and donations  (money will be collected to purchase fresh food items) be returned as soon as possible. Our students will help wrap and label the gifts during lunches next week, assemble the food baskets, and help with delivery on a designated day between the 19th and 20th. This will be scheduled at a convenient time for the parents who volunteer to help with chaperoning and driving the student to the home. Please contact Mrs. Smith , michaell.smith@camas.wednet.edu, for this opportunity.

  Mrs. Buckley, Ms. Hackworth, Mr. Mattson, and Mrs. Smith all thank you in advance for helping with this need and especially for  the privilege of teaching your children and seeing what caring hearts they have.

Happy Holidays  to You and Yours!


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