In Language Arts and Social Studies we started the year exploring a new world, learning about the colonists of Jamestown and the Puritans in New England. 

Fast forward 150 years. The year is 1762. The colonies have peacefully grown in size and prosperity. The British Empire has expanded as well, now touching many corners of the world. Britain, however, is not the only European nation looking to expand its overseas territories. The French also have their eyes on the land and resources of North America. The native people, who have been driven off their land, also have much at stake. The choices made during the lifetime of one British king cause war, taxes, and discontent to spread throughout the colonies. 

Over the next month we will ask, "how is it that in just 14 years the American patriots could move from being happy British subjects to declaring their independence from the king?"To explore the road to revolution, and the American Revolution itself, we will focus our studies on Chapters 5-8 of History Alive. To supplement our journey, we will also read some exciting novels that revolve around the theme of Revolution.


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