Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
~ Oprah Winfrey
Team Summit Parents,

With all of this warm weather it is easy to feel that summer is here. No matter how much we may wish that was true, we still have seven packed weeks of learning until break arrives.

During the month of May, Skyridge students will be taking the state MSP test. 8th grade students take the Science, Math, and Reading MSP. Additionally, all algebra students take the EOC (end of course exam) in order to receive a graduation requirement from the state of Washington. We have included the dates for each of the MSP tests below. Please consider these events when scheduling any appointments and family events that may cause your student to be absent. Students do their best when they take the MSP with their classmates during a regularly scheduled testing time.

Thursday, May 2 - Science MSP All 8th Grade Students
Thursday, May 9 - Math MSP All 8th Grade Students

Monday, May 20th - Reading MSP for Mr. Mattson 1st Period
Tuesday, May 21st -Reading MSP for Mrs. Buckely 1st Period
Thursday, May 23rd - Reading MSP for Mrs. Smith 1st Period
Friday, May 24th - Reading MSP for Ms. Hackworth 1st Period

June 10-12 - Algebra Student End of Course Test Mrs. Buckley's 6th period

***Reading MSP is computerized. Students will take the test with their 1st period teachers on the assigned days.

What can I do to help prepare my student for the state testing?

    - Please make sure they have the following supplies:
            - several number two pencils with erasers, a reading book (paper book NO electronics), and a calculator. 
    - Please make sure your student is getting plenty of sleep the night before if not the entire week leading up to the test. Finally, 
    all students need a hearty breakfast the day of the test. They should not be loading up on sugary items like doughnuts, other 
    types of pastries, or sugary cereals. Some good options are toast with peanut butter, eggs, fruit, yogurt, etc. Students that eat 
    a lot of sugar for breakfast will crash in the middle of the test and it will be difficult for them to focus on completing the test to 
    the best of their ability. 
        - we are allowing a snack during break time but it needs to be fruit and/or vegetables. Feel free to pack something for you 
        student if you would like.

If you have any specific question please feel free to email any of the Team Summit teachers.

Enjoy that Sunshine!!


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